• Here at Ortho One, we believe that a beautiful, happy smile is only one benefit of the quality orthodontic care we provide.

Our Testimonials

Such Impressive Results!

I love the results we got using Ortho One! I feel more confident than ever before and the prices were more reasonable than anywhere else I could find. You will not regret choosing to work with Ortho One! – Joanna Dwite

Best doctors and staff! Overall great experience!- Mariessa Cecero

I just been with Ortho one in 7 months and I can see the big difference in my smile, months ago I didn’t wanted to smile in pictures but now I’m more that confident with my self. They work really fast, good and everything’s clean and professional 🙌🏼 100% recomended. Also they bilingual 👍🏽💯 -Karelis Ruiz Rodriguez

We Love Dr. Mitra

Dr. Mitra Abdollahi is amazing! My daughter doesn’t dread her appointments and I love knowing that Ortho One is benefiting her in a variety of ways. I highly recommend making an appointment with Ortho One. The prices and results are amazing and the staff is very helpful and professional!

Incredible Service!

I’m so thankful that we chose Ortho One! I was impressed by Dr. Mitra’s expertise as well as the high quality service we received at every visit. I highly recommend them to anyone in the market! – Sarah Flugel

I love my new smile!! They are amazing here and it was easy and fast, they fixed my smile in less than a year!! Just in time for senior trip thank you so much:) Sofia Jimenez

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